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Different Types Of Flower Bouquets – What Is Your Favourite Style?

Flower arrangements add texture, beauty and fantastic aroma to a home. Human eyes are naturally drawn to their fascinating colours and charming look. Well, when it comes to gifting flower bouquet to your loved one, you may consider the types, colours or combinations of flowers used. But, have you ever thought about the style of the bouquet? If not, this may be the time. Hang on to know about various styles of bouquet that you may find at a florist shop in Doncaster.    

Hand-Tied Bouquets:

The term hand-tied doesn’t represent its shape, but refers to how the arrangement is completed. This type of bouquet includes flower stems that are tied using string, ribbon, twine or an elastic band. They can either be placed in a vase to keep the stems together or can be used as a wedding bouquet.

Round Bouquets:

As the name implies, the round bouquet is all about arranging flowers in a circular shape. This style is usually common in bridal bouquets, but also been used as the base for other styles such as crescent or cascade.

Pomander Bouquets:

Being one of the most unique bouquet styles, Pomander Bouquets make a perfect floral décor for all special events. This style involves the arrangement of blooms in spherical shape and is hung by twine or ribbon to make a suspended point of attraction.

Basket or Vase Arrangements:

Basket arrangements are flower bouquets that are arranged in decorative baskets, vases or jars. They can be so optimal for those who search for both flowers and the vases to place them. From small bamboo baskets to large vases and glass jars, you will find a wide range of containers that you can choose from.

No matter what your favourite bouquet style is, you can approach the florist of Pretty Wild Flowers to have it custom designed for you. Whether you want a bouquet using fresh flowers or preserved flowers, we will design it for you according to your preferred style. For more information on our flower delivery service, call our flower shop near me in Doncaster on 0451964778.