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Feel Good With These Amazing Fresh Blooms!

Did you know? The sight of fresh flowers can calm the mind & uplift the energy. It’s the secret that those pretty petals & aroma hides behind. Flowers offer a sudden shift of emotions from stress to happiness. And in every way, it helps people convey their deepest desire, love, emotion & unsaid words to their loved ones and the ones whom they’re missing or far from. It's why a thoughtfully hand-tied flower bouquet by a florist delivered on the same day flower delivery is a win-win. If you go the extra mile in customising your flower bouquet, the impact is even more adorable. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the mood-lifting fresh flowers that do magic in seconds. 


If all you need is a peaceful sleep after a hectic & stressful day, have some fresh lavenders or a dried flower bouquet of lavenders in the bedroom. They are known to induce sleep & keep a pleasing atmosphere. 


Their striking colours can cool the heated tension from the head and help you take a sudden drift off to sleep. It helps to increase oxygen in the room, assuring a deep and peaceful sleep. 


Their ethereal beauty is what attracts every eye. Having these flowers in your bedroom helps induce sleep and calms the mind gently.When you keep it on your side table or in the living room, Orchids instantly radiates positive vibes and reduces fatigue or anxiety issues with its presence. 

White Roses

White roses are often used at weddings. This is because they represent innocence, purity, making them a perfect option to have around a sick person or to speed up the recovery process. 

White Lillies

Nothing can bring you peace like a fresh bunch of Lillies kept in a beautiful jar. If you’re choosing white lilies, go for a colourful jar or a plain glass jar to amp up the setting & ease your stressed mind. 

Flowers are natural healers. Whether it’s for you or your dear one, send thoughtfully crafted flower bouquets from Pretty Wild Flowers with same-day flower delivery on 04519 64778 today.